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Live the carnage through multiple viewpoints as the tale unfolds to a bloody climax. NOT for the fainthearted. Language and sexual references are graphic. It has different main characters from book 2 and 3. The Rata brothers are minor characters in book 1 and major characters from book 2 onward.

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Unless you're a crime, social realism, or street lit reader, my suggestion is to start from book 2, then read book 3, and if you like those two then you could try book 1. Graffiti Heaven is a prequel series based around Ash Rata when he was younger. Paperback , pages. Published September 13th first published August 11th Behind the Lives 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Behind the Hood , please sign up. Is it a good book? See 2 questions about Behind the Hood…. Lists with This Book. This pic depicts why I wanted to read the book.

The main characters may be teenagers, but they are living in a harsh adult environment. I should have known better There is drama…drama…drama…drama…drama…drama…drama…drama…drama…and more drama…I think you get the gist. To top it off, Behind the Hood features plenty of very young and insanely screwed up characters who seriously need to grow up yet. Also, there are way too many POVs. In fact, they change from chapter to chapter. It felt like hopping back and forth, up and down all the time.

Well, and then there is Tama. He is a criminal as well as an uber a hole who obviously believes that he is a sex god and is sporting a hard-on all the time. She says to her GR friend: Lenore, please give me your gun--I really like your shelf. I think you need it.

Behind the Lives Series

Bottom line Behind the Hood is an overwritten drama. I really want to avoid YA books in the future. View all 63 comments. Those whom love hating a character.

It is NOT for the faint of heart, in fact I will probably be prescribed blood pressure medication at my next doctor's appointment. The story revolves around Tama How do I begin to explain this fucktard character?? Tama is the self professed gang leader. He is an arrogant, self righteous, egotistical bastard that takes what he wants and doesn't care who he hurts in the process. He had me shouting the following Tama actually has a few endearing qualities, especially when it comes to his Mamma. There's a definite tell-tale sign for his behavior. Jayden is Tama's cousin.

This character took me on an emotional roller coaster.

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I already met these characters in previous stories. Finally we have Nike and Jesse. Hold on I need another drink before I continue Their a young married couple with a baby boy, a mountain of debt and abundance of stress. Jess and Nike don't allow their struggles to interfere with their love for each other.

Both are willing to do anything and everything to make their marriage work. Yeah, I thought so too.. Their problem isn't with each other, it's Tama wants Jess all to himself and will stop at nothing until he has her. Beautiful GR peeps, there are more characters and TONS more storyline in this emotionally intense novel , but this reviewers brain is fried. This was a now or never type of review for me.. I hope I've given you enough information to have you consider giving Behind the Hood a try Don't be a wuss! Hansen, I think you are one hell of a storyteller.

Kudos to you my friend View all 35 comments. He's self-centered and extremely selfish. He does what he wants and stuff the consequences.

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He will piss you off so much that you will need to grip onto that ereader tight so you don't throw it at the wall. Don't let him put you off book 2: He doesn't have a POV in that one. Instead, the gorgeous Rata brothers and Corey take center stage in book 2.

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So, again, don't let Tama put you off book 2! The hot Ratas take over. You should like him. He's a teen father who is dedicated to his wife and baby son as well as his sister and mother. He changes dramatically throughout this series. He is a changed man by the time he reaches book 3, life hardening him considerably. She's feisty and smart-mouthed, but also a nice person. He's 26 and is the one on the cover with the neck tattoo. He's had a very hard life and is tormented by what his stepfather did to him ten years prior.

Not only is he living with the memory of that day, but he is struggling with his relationship to Beth Connor.

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He can't talk to her due to his inner turmoil and as a result is pushing her away without realising it. He's also still in love with his ex and secretly yearns for her. Ash is a drug dealer who wants to quit the game. Dante is 23 and looks just like Ash, just with a tattoo around his left eye he's on Behind the Len's cover. He's the town manwhore and has trouble controlling himself when it comes to women, booze, and drugs.

He's bipolar and lately hasn't been taking his medication. He's also in love with Ash's girlfriend, which causes a lot of trouble in this book. She secretly desires Dante, but knows he's no good for her, but finds it hard to resist him. He's not bright and is rather brutish.