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I say after life because some people believe there is life after death but may not accept God as the reason What is sciences answer to emotion. We know be bad can lead to self destruction and good can lead to longevity and peace. Why do most prefer the later. Can you count all the stars or all the sand on the earth. You call it chaos because it can not be calculated by man. What else do assume is chaos because we can not pre determine the outcome. Some things will forever be beyond us while we are here on earth.

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Would you show the world how to time travel if you ever discovered a way to do it? Looks like the first two lines there were quoting you, Perry. Check the last comment up the thread. Just got correct you there, Evolution in the neo-Darwinian sense when they had to modify it is random mutation followed by natural selection.

However a replicating replicator DNA has to be in existence before it can mutate and be selected for or against. Evolution has nothing to say about the billions of codons already existent in the first simple cell if such a simple cell existed. Read Mr. I believe I discovered he believes as I do, God uses the evolutionary process in creation. Face it, we may never really know our origins. Yes you are right Dave and intelligent as we humans may seem we are not the most intelligent. We live in a dimension created for us with laws and human limitations, much like a creation we have not been able to built till now.

Which serves our causes but does in some manner harm to us too. Example: We have been so far been able to develop a new world within our world and that is the Cyber World, right!? Anything and everything in this world is created by us too.

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Do you think that anything which is created in the realm of the Cyber world could possibly think or understand its creator? A creation cannot understand its creator unless or untill the creator wishes.

The illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together

Now God creator has created us humans for some sort of exam. Religion it seems is the only guideline that makes sense. Since God the creator, Imagine yourself as a creator of a world and with set rules and laws, predictions, timelines etc etc…. It is the destructive nature of man which comes from greed and impatience that can never allow the human race to live in peace.

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  4. What is nature. A creator almost never wants its creation to kill itself or to take over the creator. A scientist if not working to kill its specimen will not want any such occrance to occur. Why would any loving creator do that.

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    Is God a loving creator or not? God is a loving creator and that he has mentioned in the Quran more so often. It is the choice that makes the difference. Choice comes from within and not from any outer source. There is no such thing as destiny unless you want it that way. Crusades were fought by Muslims for the very peace that they had in their world and they wanted the same for the people under barbaric and currupt rulership. Leaving Islam or Religion aside, God has always sent us messages, for those who want to listen to them or want to know the truth and the whole truth.

    For those who consider that life as we know it is everything, and cannot comprehend the existence of God or a Loving Creator can always continue to live as they wish.

    Infinite Impact: Making the Most of Your Place on God's Timeline by Stuart K. Weber

    The only problem in that is they will live a hard harsh life with no rules and no boundaries much like the apemen were living in the past when they didnt believe in anything. Remember that time?! Is it not true that Apemen as we know them or the early people were Athiests and didnt know how to light fire!? We as humans will not evolve and have five hands with 10 fingers.

    We as living beings have been given the gift of adapting to our surroundings. If this code was not written we would not be able to survive in this world. Human out of all beings on this earth is the most intelligent so much so that it has been said the universe has been created for us…The question is will we be able to live long enough to see the corners of it.

    God has created perfection, Humans have not been able to do it. So are you gonna side with the Devil and curse the creator or accept and respect HIM your god your creator. Judgment day!!

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    As soon as he realises its time, he will pull the plug.. Life is a gift…. There never were any apemen. The whole idea of apemen is atheistic. As far as cave men there are people who live in caves today. Some of the Neanderthals who had bigger brains than we do, made super glue , flutes, planted flowers on the graves of their dead, cared for their sick and held religious services lived in caves. These are well known facts but to explain away God they are portrayed as more animal than human.

    They were as human as you are and you in fact may be one of their descendants as I may be as well. History teaches us the oldest people we have records of worshiped one God, the creator of heaven and earth, they were not atheists. Pantheism and the animism of people such as the Arabs with their jins etc. The whole concept of apemen has no basis in fact and neither does your assertion the ancients were atheists. While your note about the Piltdown man is accurate, you have ignored a monument of scientific information that address pre-human bipedal primates.

    Modern humans are very recent. Further, the earlier primates were clearly non-human i. Fazale Rana. Richmond, B.

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    No matter what the evidence those that deny God must bend it to their view. I would find the whole story hysterically funny as well as absurd save so many will be lost over it. Go to the Field Museum, P. Barnum would blush at the Lucy doll with her absolutely human figure,hands feet, eyes, nose etc.

    The people who made the one in St. Louis went so far as to add human genitalia to fool children into believing this side show freak display you call science is true. Tell me Jim, since you think you are a scientist how any dating beyond what can be cross checked with human historical record can be done without at least 3 assumptions that are pulled straight from the air? Otherwise you are telling me your faith , not science.

    I already have a faith. I predict you will ignore the question and tell me all scientist believe this and that makes it true. They do not all believe it Jim and even if it was true you could never be sure, you only have the faith, the belief. Even from an evolutionary view to believe monkeys to turn to man in 40ka is absurd. Neanderthals were just as human as you are and you may in fact be one.

    They made superglue, made complex mathematical calculations, held religious services , buried their dead and played music as they put flowers on the graves of those they cared for and could not be saved. When the evolutionists decided the Aborigines were at least 60ka old he was forced to change his interpretation of the Bible. Truth never changes,God never changes. I doubt they ever will but the assumption that would prove random events turned monkeys into men is childishly absurd.

    Have you ever stopped and realized that those who believe in evolution believe in it and then go trying to find evidence to support it? Evolution has nothing to do with science, it is all about God. Why would the existence of a bi-pedal ape convince anyone DNA rewrote its own order to turn a creature that is still vastly different from a human being into one? It seems you should be looking for a monkey who can read ,write and play chess, that Jim would impress me.

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    Not a lot of grant money in finding ape ancestors. In the end all we have ever found are people and apes, never an ape-man and we never will. God made apes and He made us.